Daily Support Services@MySpaceOK

MySpace offers a wide range of office support services to our clients from Desktop Publishing Services, Business Card Design and Printing, Mailing & Secretariat Service,  Digital Scanning & Copying, Fax Transmission & Reception, Postage & Courier Service, Banking & Deposit Service, Long Distance Calls & Video Conference Service for your business needs. Please contact our team and tell us what we can help and offer you a quote.

Fees & Services

Office Rentals & Clerical Support Servces in Kelowna

Address & Mailing Service - C$35 / Month

Use our Address & Mailing service at MySpace provides you many flexibility for your Startup. Our professional and well trained receptionist helps you take care your mail when you are not in office.

Address & Mailing

Phone Reception

Fax Transmission/ Reception

USB Storage

Web Chat Support